Sundays are for Sharing #1

I am completely behind on my blog reading right now, but I wanted to share some of my favorite posts from the last few weeks…


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Emergency Preparedness

At 7:23 pm on Sunday evening, I awoke from a dead sleep to an earsplitting noise. I could not identify it at first and spent a few precious moments trying to figure out where it was coming from. Then I realized what it was, at the same time I smelled something burning and saw my neighbors leaving the building with their pets. The building’s fire alarm was going off.

My heart started racing and I immediately grabbed Disney and put her in a carrier, closing the door. The other carrier did not have the door attached (the cats like to hang out in the carrier and the door never stayed open). A few more precious moments were wasted climbing to the back of my closet for the door and reattaching it to the carrier before putting Cheshire inside. At this point, I threw a jacket on and grabbed my keys and phone (thankfully I had worn a tank top and bike shorts to bed- not the most glamorous outfit, but I was clothed) and started out the door, but I couldn’t find my shoes. I had just received a free pair from a vendor at work, so I dumped them out of the box and threw them on before grabbing the carriers and heading down the stairs and out of the building. I didn’t even grab my purse.

Once outside, I joined the rest of my neighbors and their dogs (only one other neighbor had evacuated their cats with them), while the fire department checked the building, disabled the alarm and gave us the ok to re-enter the building. It turns out my immediate downstairs neighbor had fallen asleep with the oven on, which created a lot of smoke (and the burning smell) and triggered the alarm, but there was no actual fire thank goodness.

While everyone is ok and this particular instance was a false alarm, it was a real wake up call for me. I was not prepared to get me and the kitties out of the building quickly and wasted precious time getting the carrier ready. And though I got the most important things out of the apartment (the cats and myself), I would have had no means of getting us anywhere without my purse (which contained all of the identification I just finished replacing).

After the incident, I am putting together an emergency kit to keep by the front door with all of the essentials I’ll need to take with me in the event of an evacuation. And the doors will remain on both carriers! I already keep the carriers in the living room, so this won’t change, in addition to the emergency kit (which I will be setting up in a backpack), I will be keeping a pair of slip on shoes by the front door as well.

The emergency kit will contain:

Important paperwork ( birth certificate, microchip records, etc)
A few cans of cat food, dishes and dry food
A bottle of water
Puppy Pads (since I can’t fit a litter box in the bag)
A couple of toys to make the kitties feel comfortable
A pair of leggings, shirt and underclothes for myself
Any prescription medication as needed
A mini first aid kit

As I will be on foot since I don’t have a car, I will need to keep things fairly light and the backpack will free up my hands to carry both carriers. I will also put my purse and keys with the emergency kit when I arrive home each day and keep my phone with me in whatever room I happen to be in. In a true emergency seconds count, and I don’t want to be caught unprepared again.

Do you have an emergency kit?
What do/would you have in your kit?
Have you ever needed to evacuate in a hurry?

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Thinking Out Loud~ 5/7/15

Yay! It’s Thursday!!One of my favorite posts to write is my Thinking Out Loud posts to link up with Amanda. I really enjoy sharing random tidbits of my life with all of you this way. Granted, some of my posts are way more random than others, but here we go…


~ I need to confess that I am incredibly sappy and I tend to tear up when I read certain types of blog posts… lately marathon recaps! Because I am not a runner, especially now with my hip giving me issues, I am in awe of anyone who can run a marathon and reading emotional experiences about either running or spectating a marathon just brings out all of the feels for me!


~ It has been over a month since my phone/wallet was stolen and I finally got my replacement license Wednesday. I’ve been checking the mail every day waiting for it since it was the last thing to arrive. But now everything is officially replaced!

~ On Friday we are having our annual inspection at my apartments. Basically they just check to make sure that we haven’t disabled the smoke detector or completely destroyed the apartment. I have been cleaning most of the week to make sure everything looks pretty when they come. The biggest problem for me, though, is that they will be here sometime between 10a-6p and we can’t schedule an appointment time. Since I am in one of the end buildings, I figure they will either start or end here, but it makes it really awkward for a day sleeper like me to plan. At this point I think I’m just going to close myself and the kids in the bedroom and leave a note on the front door to be quiet.

~ Speaking of sleep, I’ve actually been sleeping really well lately. Since I took my mini-vacation and have returned to normal work hours, I have been averaging between 6-7 hours of sleep per day. Granted in the past my body has worked optimally at between 8-9 hours of sleep, I am still functioning well and only feeling slightly tired throughout the day.


~ I have been tackling a few projects that have been hanging out for a while. I built a new tower for the cats as their birthday presents (both had birthdays in April), will be putting together a new jewelry armoire next weekend, and have been cleaning out and organizing my kitchen cupboards. I still need to tackle my filing cabinet and linen closet/ pantry; but that will come over the next few weeks.

~ After realizing just how close to 50 I actually am, and along with that, just how quickly time is passing, I have rededicated myself to my studies and am back on my study place for my PT certification. Unfortunately my savings plan kind of went out the window (I am SO bad with money), so I have to work on saving the money for the test, plus for tuition for the other courses I want to take. I seriously need to play the lottery and win so I can do everything I want to do (I want 4 certifications plus 2 bachelor degrees ultimately to fully round out my dream gig).

~ And that’s quite a lot of rambling today, so I think we’ll finish here. Don’t forget to check out all of the other great Thinking Out Loud posts today as well!

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An Almost Wordless Wednesday


Cheshire couldn’t wait until I finished assembling the new tower to try it out




Finally got my fitbook!


So thankful to everyone who helped after the robbery


Because… donut!

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This Blog Life

There have been points along my journey where I’ve considered stopping this blog. I’ve toyed with the idea of starting a new blog and with the idea of just not blogging altogether. But I love blogging and the community that it has introduced me to. I love this blog and my little corner of the internet. So I’m still here, still dedicated, and still looking to grow and develop as a blogger… even when life can cause some unplanned silences.


This year I really want to explore some new directions with this space. I am still a healthy living blogger, I am still a weight-loss blogger; I don’t think that part of the equation will ever change based on my own personal life goals; but some aspects of the blog may change a bit over the coming months.


I signed up for Blog School this year, which I am really excited about. It officially launched in February, though with my schedule I have just recently been able to start going through the modules and assignments. They are really making me think about my goals and where I want this blog to take me. They are also making me think about my voice, my experiences and my audience. I expect to see these lessons start to show through in what I’m writing and sharing here with all of you… and I hope you will all enjoy where I think things are going.


Along with loving to write, I also really love reading other blogs. My Bloglovin’ feed is so full that I realize I need to start refining the list of blogs I read. For one thing, some of my interests and needs have changed since I initially set up my feed. There are blogs that I used to follow religiously that no longer meet my needs and I find I’m marking their posts as “read” more and more often without reading them. But then there are other blogs that I’m just now finding that are perfect for where I am in my life right now. Over the next several weeks (months maybe), I’ll be really monitoring which blogs I’m reading and which blogs I’m skipping so that I can narrow my feed down to a workable number of blogs that really resonate with me.


That being said, there are some blogs that I will always follow! There are the blogs of good friends (met through blogging), the bloggers I aspire to emulate, and the bloggers that are just plain fun! For now, I have marked my Blog Roll page as private as I revise the list, though I look forward to sharing with you again as soon as I’m done. I love sharing my favorite blogs with you and fully intend to continue to do so! I’m even hoping to have some guest posts down the road.

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Where I Am Today

I had originally decided to start doing weigh-in posts again every Monday… and then never did it. I just couldn’t get myself to type up the posts. Not because I didn’t want to share my progress (or lack thereof), but because as much as I still want to lose weight, it isn’t about the scale for me right now.


For the last 6 weeks or so, I’ve been debating with myself about stepping on the scale to post an update. I’ve thought about joining another Diet Bet or weight-loss challenge to inspire myself, but my heart just hasn’t been in it. What is more important to me right now is regaining my fitness level, incorporating more regular workouts, and reducing joint pain.

Since changing jobs a year ago, my fitness level has deteriorated rapidly. I went from being on my feet at work 8+ hours a day to sitting at a desk all day night. I used to regularly walk 2-7 miles every day with no problem. Now, I feeling like my daily walks between work and the bus are a challenge (a mile one way). And the pain in my hip every morning just makes it that much worse.


The changes that I am working on are a little harder to quantify and they aren’t something that will show a ton of change each week, so a weekly progress report isn’t going to show changes. I can still share my workouts and meal plans every week if anyone is interested, but to be honest my heart really isn’t in to that type of post (I am more likely to skip this type of post when reading blogs if I’m short on time).

I would like to share a monthly update, on the first Monday of each month, noting my thoughts on the previous month, but I’m not sure what I’ll be posting the rest of the time on Mondays (because I do plan to get back to daily posts now that my work schedule is back to normal).

So with all of that being said, here are my goals for May:


1. Begin a daily Yoga practice
2. Get 10 minutes of cardio (aside from walking) every day
3. Core work at least 3x per week
4. Drink at least 48 oz water per day
5. Sleep at least 6 hours per day

What are your goals for May?

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It’s Just a Number

Today I’m talking about one of those big numbers we use to define ourselves in life… no, I’m not talking about weight, I’m talking about age.

I have been lucky enough throughout my adult life that I have never looked or felt my age. While it was frustrating in my early 20’s to have people think I was still in my teens, its refreshing in my 40’s to have people assume I’m in my early 30’s. And while I know how old I am, I’ve never felt that I was in my “middle years”, heck sometimes I don’t even feel like an adult!

One of the reasons I credit for not feeling like a grown up (let alone like a woman in her 40’s), is that I never took some of the traditional adult steps in life… like getting married and having kids. I also have several friends who are quite a bit younger than I am who help me to stay in touch with my younger self. Then there’s the fact that I just love things like Disney and Harry Potter and other things that are typically reserved for the young. (True story- my bedroom is decorated with Disney). All of this adds up to me forgetting sometimes that I’m getting older.


Several days ago I was having a discussion with my co-workers and a haunting realization came to me. I am almost 50. Seriously, I am almost 50. This made me pause for a moment and I have been thinking about it ever since. No, I’m not turning 50 this year or next (its actually 6 years away), but it’s really made me rethink the passage of time and how I’ve been letting my goals slip away from me because I was always going to get there some day.

I have to be honest, while I still believe that age is only a number, to see such a big milestone approaching has made me a little anxious; not of becoming older, but of not having the opportunity to do all of the things I want to do with my life. As much as we would like to pretend differently, time is finite and as the number of years that have passed get larger, the number of years left to enjoy get smaller. So it’s time to stop wasting my life on the inconsequential things and embrace all the things that are important to me.


There are things that I want to accomplish before I hit such a significant milestone. I’ll be putting together some posts about some of the projects I’ll be working on. But I also want to find a way to celebrate it (and every year leading up to it) that is both meaningful and fun, starting with my 44th birthday this July (I’ll be in Oregon visiting my family). I am completely open to suggestions from all of you on ways to celebrate. In years past I have celebrated with trips to Disneyland, Sea World (San Diego) and Las Vegas. For the past few years I’ve almost ignored it (I was in a funk and not celebrating any holidays).

Do you celebrate your birthday? How?

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Dealing With Burnout

For the last I don’t know how many weeks, I have been working a lot of overtime. I know that I have mentioned this several times on the blog lately, because really it feels like all I have been doing is working… and maybe sleeping occasionally. I certainly haven’t been blogging or working out or doing most of the other things I love on a regular basis. When you add in the other stressors I’ve been dealing with from the robbery and my dad’s health and you end up with a serious case of burnout.


I have been exhausted, cranky and my joints have been aching lately. I’ve also been dreading going to work every night, not because I don’t like my job (I do), but because I just want a break. With the nature of my shift, even though I have one night off each week, I am still at work every single day. After a while, all I wanted was to just not have to walk into the building for just one day! Thankfully I have some PTO on the books, so I was able to request a little time off to decompress and refuel my spirit.


Starting tonight, I have 4 nights off work. Four nights when I can sleep while its dark and my body’s natural circadian rhythm wants me to sleep. 3 full days where I won’t be setting foot inside the building where I work. 1 day where I have no plans to take a bus anywhere. And honestly, while all of that may seem a little simple, it sounds like bliss to me right now!


Plans for my little mini vacation include an equal mix of relaxation, fun and productivity. I have a small outing planned for each day (today it was simply a grocery run), there are some cleaning projects I will be tackling, Netflix and DVD watching will be happening, books will be read, workouts are on the agenda and I will be putting some much needed time into my favorite little corner of the internet.


The goal is by the time I return to work Thursday night, I will be more relaxed, focused and ready to get back to work at top level in all areas of my life again. I’ve missed the time I normally dedicate to the blog and my fitness level has dropped significantly without any type of workouts happening lately. I feel like the last couple of months have pushed me further from my goals rather moving me closer to them. So this time off is really about just shifting priorities back to where they belong… namely my health and my goals.

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Slowly Returning to Normal

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Things are slowly getting back to normal in my life right now… though I am still waiting for my new debit card which is truly frustrating.

My sleep had gotten all out of whack again with anxiety and super long work hours, but I feel like I am slowly getting back on track with that again. I am actually taking a couple of days off at the end of the month just to give myself a chance to normalize my system and recover from the burnout I’m experiencing right now. It’s truly a struggle going to work right now because I am just so tired. What a lot of people don’t seem to understand is that while I technically have a night off each week, due to the nature of my schedule I literally work every day (I get off work Sunday morning and return to work Monday evening).

I really want to get back into a normal blogging routine again and am trying to carve some time out of every day to work on the blog… either blog school lessons, posts, or behind the scenes stuff. You will hopefully begin seeing more regular posts here again soon!

On another blog note, there is an issue with my comments right now and I am not able to reply to you. I try to reply to comments as much as possible so this is truly frustrating… especially new reader comments! I am hoping to get this fixed soon!

Sorry to keep this so short, but work is calling and the bus comes soon!

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Finding the Positives

I’ve taken a couple of blows in my life over the last month and I am really surprised and proud of the way that I’ve handled them.

I am known for freaking out about things. I tend to cry and break down when things happen, and I certainly did cry in both situations, but I kept my poise while I was in the moment and allowed the tear response to come only after I had done everything that I needed to. And then it was a matter of getting it all out and moving forward. I was able to embrace all of the good that came out of each situation rather than dwelling on what happened.

The first blow came when I was supposed to meet my family at the hospital in Portland for my dad’s surgery. When I arrived in Portland everyone met me at the train station, including my dad. He wasn’t having heart surgery after all. The reasons for this are not good, but I won’t go into them here and now because I know he would prefer I didn’t. Instead of spending 2 days at the hospital, I was able to spend 2 days at my parents’ house, visiting and just being together.

I cried in my room a little that night, but didn’t dwell on the news we had received, though in some ways it was devastating. I focused on spending quality time with my family, committing to spending as much time with them as I can in the future, and just enjoying the moment. And that is how I plan to continue to handle the situation for as long as we have.

The second blow came a little over a week ago when I was robbed at the bus stop. I had always prided myself on being aware of my surroundings, but I was completely caught off guard. When it happened, I simply reacted… including chasing the guy for a block even though there was no way I could catch him. I retained my composure and calmly filed a police report and a report with metro, but did fall apart briefly when I got home. I was really proud of the way I handled the entire situation at the time.

The real good, however, came after the fact when so may friends rallied around me with support, both emotional and financial, as I tried to replace everything that was taken (and survive for over a week with no access to any money). I’ve always known that my friends were pretty awesome, but the actions of so many people really solidified that… and left me in awe! I am currently working on personalized thank you’s for each and every person who helped me, from my co-workers to my friends to my family. This experience really reminded me of all of the good in the world.

In the past I may have let these two incidents bring me down. I probably would have started the depression spiral and continued to let it take me down. I’m not saying everything is magically going to be ok now and that I have a handle on life, just that I feel like I am becoming emotionally more mature, emotionally stronger that I have been in the past. I feel like maybe I am finally growing up and becoming an adult. And I am reminded that no matter what happens, there is always good to be found.

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