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Book Chat #5

This was a bit of an off week for reading, but thankfully I had a few books that were close to done, so I still managed to finish 3. I’m… Read more >

Inside My Mind~ The Cost

While the costs of depression and anxiety can definitely be financial, it is the emotional costs that are more damaging in the long run, at least that is what I… Read more >

Project Me 2016 Week 5 Recap

Well, 2016 is moving right along and we have already completed the first week of February. How is that even possible? ¬†This week was about dealing with grief and trying… Read more >


Today I woke up around 8:45am. I got up and turned on the computer and started my first round of computer work then reading. Then I took a shower. After… Read more >

Thinking Out Loud~ 2/04/16

It’s been one heck of a week, but let’s do some Thinking Out Loud with Amanda from Running with Spoons! ~ It’s been a week since Disney died. I am… Read more >

Book Chat #4

I didn’t post an update last week for obvious reasons, so I have 6 completed books from the last 2 weeks. I finished January with 11 books (my goal was… Read more >

Inside My Mind~ Grief

Right now I am not experiencing a depressive episode, though I am grieving. Some of the symptoms between the two can be similar, but with as much experience as I’ve… Read more >

Project Me 2016 Week 4 Recap

I don’t really have anything to recap for this week. After receiving the devastating news of Disney’s passing on Wednesday morning, I really haven’t been able to focus much on… Read more >

My Sweet Angel Disney

For nearly 8 years my heart has belonged to my beautiful Disney kitty. Sadly today she crossed the rainbow bridge¬† and got her angel wings. I am utterly heartbroken and… Read more >