2017 Challenge Results

I signed up for a lot of challenges in 2017, and while I did amazingly well on some of them, I crashed and burned on others… here’s my final numbers for the year

New Release Challenge

Since I was able to buy books this year, and I was requesting a lot of ARCs at the beginning of the year, I thought for sure I could complete 12, 2017 releases this year! Nope, I completed 3!

Full House Reading Challenge

Full House Reading Challenge 2017

I was so close to finishing this challenge coming into December! I only had 2 categories to go, so I made sure to pop a cozy mystery and a western into my December reads!

Nonfiction: Daring Greatly
On TBR for more than 2 years: Going Home
More than 500 pgs:Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Page Turner: Wrong Number, Right Guy
Middle Grade: Legend of the Guardians
Published in 2017: Rejected Writers Take the Stage
Published pre-2000: Mary Poppins
UK or European Author: The Ocean at the End of the Lane
Backlist: City of Ashes
From a List: When Breath Becomes Air
Award Winner: Bone Gap
Book about books: Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library
Size word in title: The Little French Bistro
2 word title: Game Changer
Debut book: Bitter is the New Black
Food on the cover: The Sweet Life in Paris
Cozy mystery: Baking is Murder
From Childhood: Stuart Little
Diverse read: I am Malala
Australian or NZ Author: Tempting Autumn
Western: Strong & Wilde
US or Canadian Author: Faultlines
Not You: The Food of Love
Attractive cover: Across the Universe
Borrowed: 10% Happier

Backlist Challenge

If we were to look at this challenge literally, I have successfully read more than 36 backlist titles this year, which was my goal. I wanted to tackle the books in my existing library, but since I didn’t move until December, I didn’t have access to them, so I only read 15 of the backlist titles that had been living on my shelves.

Goodreads Challenge

I originally started the year with a goal of 60 books. I was working full time again and figured that was pretty much a stretch. It became obvious very early that I was going to have no problem reaching 60 books, so I doubled that and set my goal at 120, which I met in late October. November was a very light reading month, so I entered December aiming for matching last year’s total of 133 books. I’m sitting at 129 right now, but have 4 more books I should complete by the end of the year.

New to Me Challenge {Authors}

For a long time I tended to stick with my tried and true authors and didn’t branch out a whole lot. This year I really wanted to break out of that comfort zone and set a goal to try 15 new authors. I more than met that goal… in fact I tripled it with 45 new to me authors!

Read All the Books Challenge {Nora Roberts}

When I took on this challenge, I knew that I probably wouldn’t complete it in one year, especially since I chose an incredibly prolific writer! As 2017 comes to a close, I have read approximately 1/3 of all Nora Roberts’ titles published under her name. This does not include the books written under her pseudonym JD Robb. As I work on clearing through the books on my shelves, I will hopefully be at least 2/3 of the way through her catalog by the end of 2018.

Read the Books You Buy

This is another challenge that sounded great at the start, but soon became almost impossible to achieve. I knew that I was probably going to buy a lot of books this year, after having been on a very restricted budget for several years, so I set my goal fairly low at 10%. But I bought way more books than I expected {I stopped counting around 150} and read a lot more audiobooks {which were borrowed, not purchased}, so I had only read about 1% of the books I had purchased this year… at the point I stopped counting anyway.

Blogger Shame Review Challenge

I am so ridiculously behind on reviewing ARCs, it’s not even funny. I really hoped that this challenge would help me to get on top of them, but sadly no. I set a goal to finish 20 past due ARCs and only completed 10. I still have 2016 releases that I haven’t reviewed yet! When it became obvious mid-year that I was only getting further and further behind, I stopped requesting ARCs.

Charity Reading Challenge

This was a tough one for me. At the start of the year I committed to donating $5 per book read to a different charity each month. And while I am incredibly passionate about helping out where I can, I was reading way too much to be able to commit the necessary funds each month. When I set the $5 donation point, I was thinking I’d only be reading 60-ish books for the year. But  I ended up reading more than twice that. So while I donated a lot of money in the beginning of the year to some worthy organizations, I just couldn’t maintain it throughout the entire year. I do hope to put something like this together again, with a more realistic expectation for myself.

Alphabet Soup Reading ChallengeI really didn’t think this challenge would be as hard as it was. As I rolled into December, there were still 4 letters eluding me. I searched out books in my TBR that were pretty quick reads starting with V, X, Y & Z so that I could call this challenge complete!

GWB 2017 Book Bingogwb-2017-book-bingo-blue

This one was a total bomb. I didn’t even get anywhere close to completing it. I filled in maybe half the stars.

eBook Reading Challenge
This one came down to the wire and I wasn’t sure I was going to complete it. But I got my 24th book at the start of December and have 3 more that should be completed by the end of the year.

Audio Book Reading Challenge

As this turned into the year of the audio book for me, it’s safe to say I blew this challenge out of the water. I set a goal of 25 audio books and finished with more than triple that amount. In fact, if I hadn’t moved 15 minutes from work the last month of the year, I probably would have quadrupled my goal. As it is, I have completed 87 with one more that should be completed by year’s end.

2017 Net Galley & Edelweiss Reading Challenge

If you see the results for the Blogger Shame Review Challenge above, you’ll know I didn’t fare so well on this challenge either. I did complete a few reviews that weren’t as far overdue, and finished with 15 out of the 24 I was aiming for.

Mount TBR Reading Challenge 2017

Again, this one came down to not moving when I expected. My plan was to read mostly from my already owned books, but since I didn’t move until December, I didn’t have access to most of my books. Instead of the 36 I was aiming for, I finished 16.

2017 Literary Escapes Challenge

This one was kind of an eye opener for me. I never realized, until I started keeping track, that most of the books I read either take place outside the US or in California or New York. There were a few other states like Pennsylvania, Texas and Colorado that were popular as well, but in all I only read books from 24 of the 50 states in the US.

2017 Audiobook Challenge

I mentioned above with my other audio book challenge that I am blown away by how many audio books I completed this year. My goal for this one was 30, so the 87 plus books I listened to is almost triple that goal!

2017 Library Love Challenge

This is another challenge that I did really well with! I set a goal of reading 24 library books this year, and finished 43 before my county lost library access at the beginning of June. I had no library access until I moved in December and was able to check out books again. I have not completed any additional library books yet this year, but am close to completing a couple.

Reading Assignment

Again, my problem here is that I didn’t move when I thought I was going to, so I didn’t have access to books that I had scheduled. So unfortunately I just let this one slip away.

Bookish Resolutions

I was extremely ambitious and made all kinds of goals in every possible category. I did complete a couple of them… I moved closer to work {though I kind of had to when I was transferred out of state} and I cleaned up my Bloglovin’ feed. I completed 1 out of 2 readathons, 2 out of 5 series, and 8 out of 10 reading challenges. But I came nowhere near to starting my book… which I say I’m going to do every year and yet… don’t.


So how did you do on your challenges?

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