Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday~ Fangirling

Welcome to another edition of Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by the amazing team at The Broke and the Bookish. This week we are talking about Fandoms. As I am a bit older than the average YA reader, and was already well into my adulthood before the glory of the fandom was introduced, I really don’t consider myself a member of many fandoms. There are only 2 that I can sincerely claim membership in… the Disney fandom and the Harry Potter fandom. So this week I will share some ways that I show my obsessions for these two worlds.

  1. The wall art for my bedroom is all Disney. I have prints and oil paintings of Eeyore, Cinderella and Walt himself that grace my bedroom walls.
  2. I do a full Harry Potter movie marathon at least once a year, and re-read the entire series at least once every other year.
  3. When I still lived in California, I had an annual pass to Disneyland {and California Adventure} so that I could visit often… and I did, usually at least once every 6 weeks I would drive the 150 miles north  to visit the parks for the day {or two}.
  4. I have been sorted into both my Hogwarts {Gryffindor} and Ilvermorny {Thunderbird} houses and have been chosen by my wand {11″ hard Cypress with unicorn hair core} and my Patronus {An Aardvark}. All on Pottermore of course.
  5. On my application for my current job, under the “special skills” section I put Disney trivia {true story}.
  6. My most active Pinterest board {even more than my ones dedicated to books and cats} is titled HP, dedicated to all Harry Potter memes and pictures. {I also have a board titled <3 Disney}.
  7. I named my cats Disney {today would have been her 9th birthday} and Cheshire. I also have names picked out for future kitties which include such gems as Cinders, Pixie {for Pixar}, Figaro {if I ever get another black/white tuxie}, and Pooh.
  8. My Amazon wish list is full of Harry Potter memorabilia in the hopes that they will be gifted to me. I will, of course, eventually purchase them myself. I really want a wand and a Marauder’s Map.
  9. My ultimate dream vacation is a Disney cruise… the destination doesn’t matter.
  10. I held a Harry Potter party for my co-workers a few years ago.