More Than Books

More Than Books #4~ Drowning in Boxes

Right about now I feel like my entire life is in boxes. And really, a lot of it is. For the last year and a half, all of my furniture, household goods, half my clothes, and most of my books have lived in boxes in storage. And now most of the stuff that I have at the house, including all of my new books, is packed in boxes as well in preparation for my move.

And all of this has been done before I’ve even found a place to move yet. It might not even happen until July, though I’m hoping for much sooner. “Why has she packed so early?” you are probably asking yourself right now. Well, there’s a few reasons for this…

The first reason is that I am an over planner. I am the type of person who plans things out to the smallest detail and packs for trips days in advance. I get a little crazy around a big project and am really anxious to get back in to my own place for oh, so many reasons.

Secondly, I just don’t have space for everything that I’ve acquired over the last several months, both books and household items needed for the new place. In order to avoid being taken over by piles of books everywhere, into boxes they’ve gone.

And then there’s the fact that just looking at all of these boxes will inspire me to find a place soon! If only just so that I can unpack all of my stuff again! I have seriously been jonesing for the books that have been in storage… mainly my copy of The Book Thief… I’m dying to read it!