More Than Books

More Than Books #5

Lately I have felt like my plate is overflowing to the point that things are going to start falling off. I wish that I could just curl up in a corner with a book or five, but that just really can’t happen right now. In truth I’m lucky if I get any reading time lately aside from the audio books I listen to in the car during my hour-long commute to work each day {and again on the way home}. And it’s a really good thing that most of my blog posts are already scheduled, because I just haven’t had the time to spend on the blog this past week at all and I am using my one day off to try to catch up on everything from cleaning to blogging to food prep to reading.

Needless to say, between work and family issues, my stress level is pretty high. Not all of the stress is bad, a lot of what is going on at work is really great stress… building up our customer base, developing ways to make our workshop function efficiently so we can focus more time on interactions, training, etc. But even positive stress can be overwhelming, especially when paired with the worry about my parents’ health and the extra hours I’m currently working. Sometimes I’m shocked at how well I seem to be handling things, but there are 2 really big reasons why I’m not completely freaking out right now… and they are two of my assistants!

I won’t say that the stress isn’t affecting me at all, because it is. I either don’t eat all day or I end up eating way too much or snacking all day long. And don’t get me started on sleep, because if I can sleep through the entire night lately it feels like a miracle. BUT, I don’t feel like I’m going to sink under the pressure because of two amazing women who have helped to lift  a lot of the burden off my shoulders. And they just feel like their doing their jobs and don’t see that they have done anything special at all. Believe me, they have!