On Why I Became a Book Blogger

I’ve talked about the evolution of my reading life here and here, but today I wanted to talk about why I decided to switch gears and close my weight-loss/ healthy living blog and start a new life as a book blogger. And why that was the best decision I ever made.

I’m really not sure what drew me to blogging in the first place. I started to blog as a member of a weight loss community, but the blogs only lived within that community. I had friends within the community that had blogs outside the community and I started checking them out occasionally. Soon I had taken the plunge and started a few different {failed} blogs on a variety of topics. Eventually I found myself settled into a weight-loss and healthy living blog that I maintained for 3 years with a few month-long breaks here and there. I enjoyed blogging, but fell out of love with the topic and started posting a mish-mash of different things.

During the time I was writing a bunch of random stuff, I started reading more. And I was way more interested in book blogs {and cat blogs}, than I was in healthy living blogs. Plus I wasn’t living a really healthy lifestyle, so I felt like a total fraud. I considered just quitting altogether and not blogging any more. But I really loved the act of blogging itself, I just didn’t love my topics any more. Something had to change.

Once I decided I wanted to continue blogging, but change my subject matter, I had to decide what I wanted to write about. Considering my cats were being fostered at the the time, I figured a cat blog wouldn’t be a great idea. Books, on the other hand, were something I had access to through the library.

In the beginning, I was unsure as to how my book blog would be received as I didn’t have access to a lot of new releases. I found that this wasn’t an issue and discovered a {mostly} warm, open, accepting community of book lovers. I joined in memes and challenges and started developing connections with other bloggers. People started following me and commenting on my blog. I started receiving eARCs through Net Galley. I was inspired.

In a little more than a year, I have been exponentially more successful as a book blogger. The funny thing is that while I was obsessed with becoming a success in my previous blogging life, and never did; I’m really not concerned with the numbers now. I’m just having fun sharing books that I’m passionate about, fangirling over favorite series, and talking books with like-minded people. And I think that translates to the computer screen so people are more receptive to it. Maybe.

Do you blog? Why did you start?