On the Definition of Discussion

What do you think of when you think of a discussion post? I used to think that discussion posts had to be deep and thought provoking, that they had to look at an issue and analyze it or give an opinion. But now I think it’s simpler than that. A discussion can be anything you want it to be.

Sometimes a discussion is deep, about a topic that is important to you or an issue that keeps cropping up in the community. But other times a discussion can be light and fun. And at still other times a discussion can be completely random. And sometimes a discussion is just any post that isn’t a review or a meme.

I think part of the reason I have struggled with discussion posts is that I’ve had it in my head that they have to be super serious and talk about things that could generate a lot of debate and differing opinions. And we’ve already established how I feel about that. But I really don’t know why I thought this way. I mean I don’t expect other bloggers to post serious deep discussion posts. I mean, Cait at Paperfury is one of my favorite bloggers and her discussions are full of humor and fun.

I have been in a serious discussion funk and haven’t been able to write a discussion post in a couple of week {not that you would have noticed since I schedule so far out}. I was considering just marking discussions up as a failed experiment and dropping them for the time being, but then I got to really thinking about it. Ultimately I decided to drop the pressure and keep the discussions, and to stop taking myself so seriously!

What about you? Do you stick to serious discussions or have fun with them?