On My Bookish Confessions

I have some things that I need to confess…

There are some secrets about my reading and blogging habits that I feel I finally need to share and come clean about. Hopefully I won’t shock you when I reveal them… and hopefully you will all still love me when I’m done {assuming you love me now haha}.

~ I don’t care if my series match.
I have several series that switch between paperback and hardback, and a lot of them have mismatched covers or mismatched sizes among the paperbacks. And it really doesn’t bother me at all. I do prefer to have the entire series in either physical form or digital form, but I’ve become flexible on this as well… unless it’s a series I want to keep, then it must all be in physical form.

~ The cover doesn’t matter that much.
To clarify, I love beautiful covers as much as the next person, and there are books that make it to my TBR or into my shopping cart simply because I fall in love with their covers. But if I there is more than one cover design out there, I’m not going to obsess about getting a specific cover, I want what’s between the covers more. An addendum to this however, is if one design has snakes on the cover I will avoid it at all costs… I can’t do snakes.

~ I actually like spoilers.
Yeah, I really don’t care if people spoil books, though I try not to in my reviews because I know most people prefer to be surprised. In fact there are times that I look for spoilers in series. And I generally spoil myself because I am famous for skimming ahead and always know what’s going to happen. I still go back and read everything in between, but I like to know the end. This is why I don’t really read mysteries. The only books I can’t read ahead in are audio books {but I usually look for spoilers if I really want to know}. Maybe I should try a mystery audio?

~ I don’t always use a bookmark.
I absolutely 100% do not dog-ear pages in books {that is an evil habit I cannot support}, but I don’t always use a bookmark. I have been known to grab whatever is handy and have used things such as the tops of treat packets, the subscription card from a magazine, advertisements, index cards, receipts, and other random pieces of trash laying around.

~ I prefer series to stand-alones.
I want to remain with the characters I fall in love with for as long as possible, so I’m always looking for a series over a stand alone. And while I enjoy series that switch up the main characters for each book, it’s those that continue to follow the same characters throughout that I truly adore. I just can’t get enough!!

~ I actually like insta-love!
I like slow burn, friends to more, and other types of romance tropes as well, but I really do enjoy insta-love! Basically I love most romance tropes.

~ I probably haven’t read the book I’m featuring in my quote memes {yet}.
I blog ahead… very far ahead. As of this writing {which is approximately 6 weeks before you will be reading it}, I have all of my available memes scheduled for the remainder of the year. When I was putting together the posts, I made piles of my books and picked the quotes I was going to feature. As you saw above, I have no problem jumping ahead and spoiling myself, this works with picking quotes too. Once the posts are written, the books then get packed in boxes to prepare for my move {As you read this I will be alternating my time between more work travel and apartment hunting… and yes I’ve been preparing to move for a year now, I know}, so the odds are I haven’t unpacked them again to read them before their post goes live. In fact, I am starting to plan out next year’s schedule with the new books I just received before they get packed away.

So have any of my confessions shocked you?? Do you have any secrets you want to share?