Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday~ I Resolve

Welcome to another edition of Top Ten Tuesday, created by the amazing team at The Broke and the Bookish and now hosted by Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s topic is bookish resolutions or goals. I’m stepping away from a lot of challenges this year {though I am still doing the Goodreads Challenge}, but I do have several things that I want to focus on this year whether they be reading related, blog related, or just personal…

Goodreads Challenge goal: 150 books
My highest total so far was 2017 and it was 134, so I know this is going to be a bit of a stretch, but I should have more time to really focus on reading this year, so that should help.

Read Every Day
I want to spend at least an hour reading each day. This shouldn’t be an issue, I just need to choose books that interest me and make sure to devote the time I need to reading.

Read Books I Own
I have so many books that I haven’t read, but I keep buying more {or checking them out from the library}. This year I want to get through 75-100 of the books I currently have on my owned TBR list {whether physical or digital}.

Limit Book Buying
I haven’t finalized my budget yet, but I am putting myself on a budget for buying books. Otherwise I go crazy every time I walk into a book store or stop by the Book Depository or Book Outlet sites. I haven’t decided if I’m going to do a monthly or yearly budget, but I’m leaning towards monthly.

Join a Book Club
This is something that I’ve been wanting to do for years and I think now may finally be the time to do it. I belong to 2 different library systems and have access to 2 more, so there has to be a group at one of them that will work for me!

Continue to Blog Ahead
Schedule all blog posts out as far as possible; currently I am working on 2 weeks out, but can schedule memes and discussion posts further out if needed. When I can do bulk blogging on certain memes in advance, it helps me when I’m time crunched in different areas and only have my weekly update to focus on.

Share More Personal Posts
I do a lot of memes and just recently started writing more discussion posts. I’ve been very focused on the bookish part of my life, but I want to share more of the other parts of my life as well. I plan to share things like my apartment tour, a day in the life, and my Hobby Lobby addiction as the year progresses.

Develop a Bookstagram Presence
I am so late to this party! I’ve dabbled a bit with bookstagram over the last year, but this year I really want to do more with it. Now that I have a selection of great photo props {see Hobby Lobby addiction above} and all of my books… not to mention a place to actually take photos… I really want to feature a few {or several} posts each week.

Be Active Every Day
Living in the Pacific Northwest, there are so many amazing places to hike and a variety of activities to do to be active. I have a habit of bundling up and hiding out indoor when the weather turns cold like it has been, but I will be finding ways to remain active every day. And it doesn’t hurt to have access to my weight bench and all of my fitness gadgets again… not to mention a fitness center at my apartment complex.

Focus on the Positive
The more negative input from the world I receive, the more my anxiety increases. This is the main reason I basically quit all social media last year. I am slowly allowing social media back into my life in small doses, but I need to focus on the positive messages that are out there in the world and move away from the negativity. This also pertains to work and home life as well… there are two ways to look at any issue, and I need to find the positive view.

What are your goals or resolutions this year?