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Bookshelf Tour Part 1

For the first time since I started my book blog, I can finally share my bookshelves! Over the next few months, I’ll be sharing one my bookcases! Here is the first of four bookcases…

We start with the top of the bookcase and my friendly stuffed bears

The top shelf holds my library books, plus my zen items

On the left are the books from the Everett library system and the books on the right are from the Snohomish library system.


The next two shelves are the books that I have read and want to keep for re-reading {or are part of a series I am still working on}. The first of these two shelves is my YA keepers


The second keeper shelf has my adult fiction books and my nonfiction books


And the final three shelves are my current TBR… the books that I hope to read over the next year-ish


So that is my first bookcase… there are three more to go… including two more that are entirely comprised of TBR!