About Me

Hello! Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the web. My name is Michelle, though I’m better known on social media as FIT Kitty Mama.

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For a little over 3 years I wrote a weight-loss/lifestyle blog. While I enjoy blogging, I fell out of love with the topics and struggled to stay engaged when all I really wanted to talk about was books. So as of April 2016, I blog about books.

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I have always been a reader. I started reading young and devoured books, from Golden Books to the Little House series to Charlotte’s Web. As I grew older the topics changed to Sweet Valley High, then Harlequin and Silhouette romances. Now I read a wide variety of books including Romantic Suspense, Best Sellers, Young Adult, Light Erotica, Chick Lit, Memoirs and other assorted Non-Fiction topics like writing and nutrition.

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My love of books is exceeded only by my love of cats. While my oldest kitty, Disney, crossed the rainbow bridge in January 2016, I still share my life with Cheshire, my 5 year-old fur monster. I am also auntie to my brother’s three boys, affectionately referred to as my neph-cats- Yo-Yo, Little Demon and Cuz-It (short for Cousin It).

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My love of reading began in Southern California where it grew and matured, it then moved to Seattle, Washington where it grew to encompass new genres before arriving in a small town in the middle of Western Oregon and gave rise to a blog about books. I then moved back to Washington, just north of Seattle.

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In addition to books and cats, I also love anything Disney related, the Food Network, long walks, movies, music, being near the water, and dreaming about travel. I am a 40-something fangirl for Harry Potter who used to sell stuffed animals for a living (and yes, this may be why I’m still single). But I enjoy my life and love getting lost in a good book over just about anything else in life.