Blog Ahead Wrap Up

So now that October is over, it’s time to look at how I did with Blog Ahead

Before I reveal my totals, I wanted to talk about why I schedule so many blog posts in advance.

I used to write and publish my posts the same day and often had to scramble to get a post of before midnight. I never thought that I would be able to come up with posts far enough in advance to be able to schedule anything. Then I did my very first mini Blog Ahead and discovered that certain posts could be written in advance {mostly memes}. Because in the past I would have extended periods of time with nothing posting when I got busy or life got in the way, I thought this was a brilliant idea. So in my free time I started scheduling out meme posts, like Book Beginnings and The Friday 56. Eventually I also added in discussion posts.

This was so helpful to me that I was still able to keep up with my weekly updates even during busy times because I could devote a little bit of time to them each day and not have to worry about getting a daily post up because it was already scheduled. And there were some weeks that literally the only post I touched was my weekly update.

Before the start of Blog Ahead this October, I had all of my memes scheduled through the end of 2017 {except Top Ten Tuesday}, as well as all of my discussion posts {except for recaps}. My goal for Blog Ahead was to schedule out Top Ten Tuesday through the end of 2017 and to start working on meme posts for 2018.

So how did I do?

I started October with 102 scheduled posts {many of which went live in October}. I completed 8 qualifying Top Ten Tuesday Posts, 5 Down the TBR Hole posts for January 2018, and all 52 posts for my combined quote memes for 2018, for a total of 65 posts written and scheduled during Blog Ahead. I ended October with 132 scheduled posts.

Do you schedule your posts in advance? Or write them the day they post?

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