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Exploring Bookish Communities #4~ The Loss of Libraries

I think one of the best IRL bookish communities to be a part of is the local library. I discovered our little local library last year. I wasn’t working, unable to buy books, but reading at a pace that would soon burn through all of the books I had brought with me. Plus my reading tastes were growing and I needed more books to fill my literary appetite.

Until I started working again last October, I would visit the library almost every week. I found a multitude of new authors, some new genres, and branched more into middle grade and even children’s books. The library reinforced my renewed love for reading, and allowed me to experience so much more over the last year than I would have been able to without it. After I returned to work, I didn’t visit the physical library any longer, but I still use the virtual library every week for audio books.

But I have some really sad and horrible news. All of the Douglas County Libraries {Oregon} with the exception of the main branch in Roseburg, closed on April 1st. The main branch will close at the end of May. I am heartbroken by this, because where are the kids going to go to fall in love with books? And the adults who need a little something extra in their lives? It makes me so sad to think of this county without a library… there already aren’t really any bookstores here {I have found one}. So I guess bookworms are out of luck unless they want to drive into another county?

Thankfully I work in a different county that still has libraries, so I will be able to access the library system there with a non-resident fee. And hopefully we won’t lose this one too!

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