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Exploring Bookish Communities #5

Over the last couple of months I’ve started adding more and more friends to Goodreads. I went from about 6 friends to over 70. {If we’re not friends already, here’s my link}.

While I don’t actively seek recommendations from friends, and generally don’t specifically recommend books to friends, I do use my Home Feed for recommendations and to see reviews from my friends. This is usually the place that I find the most books to add to my TBR. I don’t really interact too much with others, though do comment occasionally on reviews and like quotes.

Do many of you use Goodreads for socializing? Or just to find and share books? I feel like it’s a safer place to follow authors as there doesn’t seem to be a lot of politicizing happening on there… at least not yet. {And by politicizing I don’t necessarily mean governmental politics}.

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