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It’s always nice when the new year rolls around to take a look at the areas in your life that need a little boost. I want to take the opportunity of the new year to look at the various memes I participate in and to see if there are any new features that I want to add to the blog. There are certainly some things that I want to continue, some things that I will be keeping with slight modification, things that I will be eliminating, and new things that I will be adding throughout the year. As 2017 gets started, these are the things that I know will be happening here at Life Among the Pages…


I will be posting about books, with an occasional mention of my cat and life.
Top Ten Tuesday Meme
The Friday 56 Meme


The Sunday Post, Stacking the Shelves, and It’s Monday! What are you Reading? memes will be combined into one post weekly. I will be calling these posts My Week in Review 2017 and they will be published on Sundays.
My theme! I am currently looking at new themes and will be revealing a new theme some time in January.


Posting every day. I will be posting an average of 4-5 days per week in 2017.


Monthly Challenge Recap
Cat Thursday


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