On Why I’ll Never Conquer My TBR

I think I’ve pretty much covered all of the reasons why I’ll never conquer my TBR in other posts, but wanted to pull them all together in a nice comprehensive list for all to see…

~ I read from multiple genres
Which means that there are so many amazing new books being released every month! If I only read from one genre, there may be 3 or 4 really good books released during the average month that I want to add, but with so many genres to choose from, that goes up exponentially!

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~ I read in multiple formats
And I look for different books in each format. Physical books are the ones I really love and will probably want to keep. These are my top authors and series… and ones with pretty covers I find at the book store. Ebooks are those that I want but don’t necessarily want to pay a lot for, so can get for free or pretty cheap through Kindle sales. This is where I try out new authors and series that look good. And then there’s audiobooks, which is pretty much anything that looks remotely interesting and is currently available through Kindle Unlimited.

~ I buy a lot of books
I love them and if I have any extra money {and sometimes when I don’t} I buy books. I would rather buy books than clothes or shoes or makeup like many women do. The only things that I buy with an regularity that comes even close to books is nail polish and hair accessories.

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~ I like everything
Seriously, I enjoy most books, so I like everything and am pretty willing to try almost anything {I have some taboo topics}, so I want to add all the books to my TBR.

~ Blogger friends recommend so many books
Because I like everything, I also read a lot of blogs and follow bloggers who specialize in different genres and therefore see recommendations of so many good books I haven’t seen on my own. I therefore must add all of these books to my TBR immediately.

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~ Life gets in the way
This is the biggest obstacle to ever completing my TBR. If only I could read all day long, but there’s that thing called work, and everything that comes with it. Maybe someday they will actually pay bloggers for all of the work we do to share the books we love!

What are the reasons your TBR is beyond control?

2 thoughts on “On Why I’ll Never Conquer My TBR”

    1. Wow, you only own 3 unread books! That is impressive, and slightly intimidating! Since my stuff in packed and a lot of my books have been in storage, I don’t have an exact number, but I know it’s in the hundreds! And as for my virtual TBR list, well it currently sits at over 2500, but I’m trimming that down.

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