Thursday Quotables

Thursday Quotables~ Shopaholic to the Stars


Because I love sharing quotes from books, the more random the better, I decided to join Bookshelf Fantasies for Thursday Quotables to highlight some great quotes from the books I’m reading.

This week I’m featuring quotes from Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic to the Stars.

Shopaholic to the Stars (Shopaholic, #7)


The trouble is, Minnie hasn’t really absorbed the spirit of the word “please.”


And if by any chance we do go shopping and she asks me to shoplift something, I’ll… I’ll pretend I don’t understand and back away, And then run. Yes. Good plan.


In answer to the question Why am I shopping? I wrote Because I am a celebrity stylist now. I mean, you can’t argue with that.


For a moment I’m too shocked to reply. She looks livid. In fact, she looks in a terrible state. Her eyes are bloodshot, I now notice. Has something happened that I don’t know about?

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