Thursday Quotables

Thursday Quotables~ Wanderlost


Because I love sharing quotes from books, the more random the better, I decided to join Bookshelf Fantasies for Thursday Quotables to highlight some great quotes from the books I’m reading.

This week I’m featuring quotes from Jen Malone’s Wanderlost.



“Please, Bree?” Elizabeth’s eyes are like saucers now, as wide as an anime character’s. It’s a total put-on, but for just a second I see the under desperation behind it and it throws me.
She needs me. She needs me.


Time for a good ole Aubree-patented truth-stretching. I prop up on my knees, facing backward toward my audience.


When we were lying in his bed, I felt like we opened up to each other, like we made promises, even if we didn’t say them out loud.

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